About Shreshtha



A Vision Initiated

A single ended vision that sparked an inspiration to kick start this venture and the spark has now grown into significant kindle within.

The initiation of an Information Technology firm in Indore city, a business hub of Central India, with multiple solutions in hand for various clients, was verily a decision to serve the clients with innovative methods and provide them a satisfaction lever better than previous one. Vision Infotech (formerly) was an idea backed with a strong and focused vision of two people who enhanced this idea into a larger firm with consistent efforts, which were meticulously applied to every phase of development. The initial success of Vision Infotech came up with further expansion to a private limited company also known as Shreshtha Techno Star Pvt. Ltd.

Sail Shreshtha



We set on a sail.

After gathering ourselves as limited liability firm we pull our anchors and started to flow with the winds of enthusiasm, inspirations and dedication.

Shreshtha Techno Star Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Vision Infotech) came up as a proprietary firm in 2002, with multi-tasking and multi-solution provider to the Information Technology (IT) customers, later which expanded to a private limited company in 2011. It carried the label of one of the best software company in Indore, which was readily offering software solutions in website designs, website development, web-services, customized software creation etc. Though initial years held their competitive toughness in rough attitude, the people at Shreshtha Techno Star were built up of the clay that were all geared to set this firm as a premium software solution provider of Central India.

Our Journey and Evaluations



Android Apps


Software Applications

Integrated Solutions

Footprint Shreshtha



The Footprints and Milestones

We have walked lot of distance with lots of observations to leave our footprints for our clients and solution seekers as one of their best choices.

To accept the challenge of being a successful software company of Indore, that too in a competitive environment, it took a lot of patience and lots of unsung hours which were toiled secretly. The very start was a meek one with a single technology support and its associated platform and soon within the very short span of time, it was enhanced with multiple technology support with multi-platform assistance. Soon enough, Shreshtha Techno Star Pvt. Ltd. was leading as one of the mid-level major software solution provider and software solutions developer in Indore.

A moment to Ponder : Who We are ?

We expect to earn global admiration and respect

for the work we do, by developing healthy everlasting prospereous relations among our associates, employee's clients and alliances. Being Your Solutions Partner we believe in

  • Developing Cutting Edge Solutions for your Info-Tech needs.
  • Creating Customer Friendly content for high visibility and visits.
  • Appropiately themed Graphics and Social Media Messages.

Imppecable Quality

We put a bit extra efforts on the quality of the codes, design and services to make available the better solutions for your software needs. This makes us one of the prominent software solutions provider in the Central India.

Dedicated Services

We serve our clients with the sheer dedication and keeping personal involvement towards the desired services and provide them with satisfactions which is beyond their expectations.

Ground-up Approach

We believe in providing the very simple and cost effective solutions to any sort complex problems, that could end up enhancing the entire operating cost. Developing an effective method to ease the system operation is our expertise.